Get Turning 2019

The 2019 Exhibition

Will be held at

Kingston City Hall in Moorabbin

On 14th to 16th of June 2019

We meet again at Kingston City Hall, which offered more space to display the exhibits and allowed us to introduce live demonstrations and exhibits. Located on the corner of the Nepean Highway and South Road, Moorabbin, we look forward to seeing you there.

Why should you participate and exhibit your art work?

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition is a competition for all levels of turners from students (under 18s), novice, intermediate to master turners. It provides every turner the opportunity to raise their level of skill and produce pieces of art that meet the criteria of their peer turners who use a strict criteria in which to judge the pieces with a view to finding the “best of” in their category.

Getting selected for judging gives a turner a good idea that they have reached a high enough skill level in terms of design, skill, level of difficulty and finish in their section.  Winning a prize is a both a bonus and recognition that they are the best and are ready to aspire to the next level on their way to being a master turner.

Many people say they are not good enough to enter.  Our answer to this is you don’t really know how good you are until you enter.  Even if you are not chosen for judging, you will get the benefit of expert advice on how to raise the bar for next year.

Come on!! Have a go and get turning!!

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